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I know, such funny faces!  The top one is mid-chew and the bottom one reminds me of, 1) how much he really loves apples and 2) how much bigger that apple is for him than it is for me!  🙂  This is just another reason why I adore lifestyle photography.  Things that you wouldn’t even remember without photographs become heirlooms and art.

Some day, these photos will be the only toddler we have in the house.  How blessed I will be to look at them and remember the time in his life where he would dance after he had a bite of an apple, a time when he called it a “bapple”, a time when he would purposefully call a peach a “bapple” just to make me say, “Nooooo!  It’s not an apple, it’s a peach!” and tickle him silly.

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